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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are one way you can invest in real estate while enjoying a level of liquidity synonymous with the stock market[a]. Learn more here, from this VIDEO:

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The book Go Lean … Caribbean serves as a roadmap for the introduction and implementation of the Caribbean Union Trade Federation (CU) and the Caribbean Central Bank (CCB). One prime directive of the roadmap is facilitating the return of the far-flung Diaspora to their Caribbean homelands. This does not mean returning to the same houses they may have abandoned decades ago. Thusly, there is the need for new housing solutions; and new housing financing schemes. The CU is proffered to provide economic optimizations to better manage the region’s basic needs: food, clothing, energy and shelter.

REITREITs are prominent in the Go Lean roadmap to satisfy the shelter mandate for Caribbean repatriates; (Page 217).

This mandate is detailed early on in the book’s Declaration of Interdependence (DOI), as follows (Page 13):

xxiv. Whereas a free market economy can be induced and spurred for continuous progress, the Federation must install the controls to better manage aspects of the economy: jobs, inflation, savings rate, investments and other economic principles. Thereby attracting direct foreign investment because of the stability and vibrancy of our economy.

The roadmap posits that there are no capital/security markets in the Caribbean that offer the liquidity options of Wall Street – Page 200. (Wall Street is #1 globally). However the book describes an optimization of the existing financial markets that can still take place with the introduction of the Caribbean Dollar – managed by a technocratic Caribbean Central Bank – and elevation of the current 9 Stock Exchanges.

The “dominoes” thusly begin to fall. So with the liquidity of a vibrant capitals market, comes funding, with funding comes housing “starts”, followed by construction activity. All of this creates market kinetics.

So facilitating this eco-system of the CU/CCB will ultimately create … jobs. This is the rallying cry in the US for the National Association of Realtors®. They estimate that one job is generated for every two home sales. Using that ratio, 1,000 home sales generate 500 jobs [b]. So after the basic need of food, clothing, energy and shelter, the next mandate is … jobs, (DOI – Page 14).

xxvi. Whereas the Caribbean region must have new jobs to empower the engines of the economy and create the income sources for prosperity, and encourage the next generation to forge their dreams right at home, the Federation must therefore foster the development of new industries, like that of ship-building, automobile manufacturing, pre-fabricated housing, frozen foods, pipelines, call centers, and the prison industrial complex. In addition, the Federation must invigorate the enterprises related to existing industries like tourism, fisheries and lotteries – impacting the region with more jobs.

The Go Lean roadmap portrays the community ethos to encourage savings/investments. The roadmap also calls for stronger oversight from an institutional perspective, with economic principles in place to increase the money multiplier; (Page 21 & 22).

This constitutes change for the Caribbean: a new plan, new products, services, opportunities oversight. In truth, a new future!

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