10 Things We Want from the US and 10 Things We Don’t Want from the US

Go Lean Commentary

There are things we, in the Caribbean want, and things we do not want from the United States of America. Here is a laundry list of the Good and the Bad and how the roadmap to elevate Caribbean society, the book Go Lean…Caribbean, describes how the lessons will be applied in the implementation of the Caribbean Union Trade Federation (CU):

American Imports

What we want

10 GOOD Things We Want from the US
10 BAD Things We Don’t Want from the US
Free Market – In pursuit of the American Dream
100 years ago there was great debate in terms of the best governmental system for mankind: communism or capitalism. After 75 more years, that debate was over! Communism had proven ineffectual. Free Market capitalism as exercised in the US, in pursuit of the American Dream to elevate one’s standing in life, is what the Caribbean region needs, wants and deserves.
The Go Lean roadmap extols a Caribbean dream; that in addition to synchronizes with the American version also has additional advocacies like repatriation to the islands.
Strategic Interest Prioritization – Or Lack There of
The US is now the only remaining super power, but they only exert their “muscles” when their own strategic interests are involved. So after the promise of “never again”, after the Nazi Holocaust, the world found the US “sitting idle” as other genocides/ethnic cleansings transpired, as in Cambodia, Bosnia and Rwanda. Why this inaction? Simple: there was no strategic US interest.
The Go Lean roadmap advocates that despite the two US Territories (Puerto Rico & USVI), the Caribbean must forge law-and-order and plan/allow for its own priorities.
Tourism is still the primary economic driver for the Caribbean region. While there is a lot of competition in the domestic US and internationally, the Caribbean continues to make the case that its region is the best tourist destination in the world. The region wants to continue to appeal to Americans of all demographic persuasions to come visit the islands for stay-overs (land-based hotels) and/or cruise ships. We want to forge vacation options and traffic for the upper, middle and lower classes of American society.
The CU forges plans, advocacies and re-boots to further enhance the Caribbean tourism product array.
Partisan Politics
In 2013, the US Government almost came to a grinding halt on two occasions; due to an impasse in raising the sovereign debt limit and a failure to pass a budget by the end of the fiscal year. The reason for these failures in delivering governmental obligations was partisan politics. Factions in the Republican Party were determined not to give in to the continuation of certain Democratic Party policies. These polar oppositions preferred to default on debt payments or shut down the government than to compromise from their positions.
The Go Lean roadmap dictates certain automatic provisions (budgets) to assuage legislative deadlocks.
There are many Financial Centers around the world (London, Zurich, Hong Kong, etc.) but none with the liquidity like Wall Street. They have the capital the Caribbean needs for Direct Foreign Investments. After the 2008 Financial Crisis, the US Federal Reserve Banks have maintained a policy of flooding the money supply to keep the cost of capital (borrowing) low.
The Go Lean roadmap calls for the emergence of the Caribbean Dollar (C$) managed by a technocratic Caribbean Central Bank. This structure allows for more liquidity in the existing stock exchanges in the regions. A strong regional currency will also mitigate primary cause for prior emigration.
Quantitative Easing – De-Americanize World Money
It’s a standard accepted practice not to overstate the money supply and that this practice results in de-valuing currencies. But the US feels that this policy does not apply to them. To offset the 2008 Credit Crunch, the Federal Reserve instituted a policy of Quantitative Easing and set the Discount Rate to near zero so that banks could get access to almost-free Central Bank money. The end result now is that the Euro, which started in 1999 pegged E$1.17-to-1 with the US dollar, now trades for at E$1.36.
Imagine a savings account established in 1999 losing 19% of value just sitting idle. The C$ plan is modeled on the Euro.
Pax Americana
Pax Americana is not a “de jure” policy of the US government, but rather a “de facto” policy. The spirit of the Monroe Doctrine is still imbued in US foreign policy. This implies that any European aggression in the Americas is an affront to the US. Practically, the US strong military ensures peace in the region. There is no need for massive military output by Caribbean states.
The CU roadmap includes Cuba into the brotherhood of a Caribbean Confederacy. Previous expressions of Pax Americana have resulted in a trade embargo for Cuba.
2nd Amendment
The “right to bear arms” has a personal application beyond the country’s entitlement to maintain a militia. This “right” has been interpreted in a manner in which any normal “man” can get possession of guns and other armament. This proliferation of guns in society results in the highest rate of gun violence in the world, even an unconscionable rate of school shootings.
The Go Lean roadmap purports that this status has also caused discord – a gross abuse and availability of illegal guns – in bordering communities of Mexico, and Caribbean states of the Bahamas, and the DR. This propels our gun-related crime.
Intelligence Gathering
After the September 11 Terrorist attacks the US ramped up its deployment of Intelligence Gathering capabilities. These systems allow for more predictive modeling and better tracking of suspects and threats.
The CU maintains the example of the investigation of the April 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings region – arrests were made in 48 hours – is a successful model to copy.
Privacy Violations
In the name of security, the US surveillance apparatus has been heavy-handed. They have even eavesdropped on phone calls for foreign heads of states visiting the UN, without search warrants from official courts. (One report and confession found the US spying on the Bahamas). The average law-abiding citizen should not have to worry about an over-reaching security watch dog.
The CU envisions a balanced Intelligence Gathering goal.
Crime Watch Initiatives
“If you see something, say something” – is the mantra of the crime and terror awareness movement in the US. This involves the verticals from crime watch to public CATV.
The Go Lean roadmap provides comprehensive anti-crime and anti-terror measures, both the systems, personnel and funding to effectuate this change.
Criminal Organizations – RECO
The US is the single largest economy in the world. As a result of this success, “bad actors” have also emerged.
The CU recognizes that the history of US organized criminal organizations running rampart in Cuba is a risk to be mitigated for future Caribbean societies. The roadmap is to monitor and assuage all enterprise criminal activities.
American Imports (cont’d)
10 Things We Want from the US
10 Things We Don’t Want from the US
Melting Pot Societies
The Latin term “E pluribus unum” or “Out of many, one”is a phrase on the official Seal of the United States. Though this was never codified by law, this phrase is a de facto motto of the US. This corresponds with actual history as immigration was always a constant feature. The US always benefited with empowering immigrants impacting the economic engines of the country. There are many industries where the “best of the best” try to work their way to the US; consider the broad examples of Wall Street or Hollywood and the specific example of German aero-space engineer Wernher von Braun, who inspired & aided US Space efforts and the quest for a man on the Moon.
The CU represent 30 member-states and 4 languages so any hope for a successful union depends of successful “melting pots” in our region.
Discrimination of Immigrants
Hazing and discrimination seem to have been a rite of passage for every immigrant group’s experience as they have emerged in the US. This was the experience for the Irish, Italian, Jewish, Puerto Rico, Cuban, and other communities, no matter the time frame (1800’s, 1900’s and 2000’s). Why should hazing be experienced, when there is economic value to immigrant populations?
The CU posits that empowering immigrants should be invited and accommodated; the local communities should plan and facilitate the impact of changes: language translations, Diaspora retailing and cultural sensitivity training. There is also the inevitable refugee inclusion that all successful societies must allow for, though not planned nor invited. These can be distributed among the region.
Family Holiday Re-unification
The busiest travel day of the year in the US is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving; the 2nd busiest day is the following Sunday. Obviously American families place a high priority on coming together for holiday festivities. Though not as extreme, this pattern is repeated for other holidays like Christmas, Easter and family reunions.
The CU advocates “push and pull” factors of family reunification throughout the Go Lean roadmap. Plus, the transportation solutions enable more easy access.
Family Abandonment
Senior Living Facilities are a big industry in the US. This is due to the family habit of abandoning elderly parents to the care of professional strangers. The Caribbean way traditionally is to house their Senior Citizens with families, whether the economics apply or not.
The CU has a prime directive to encourage repatriation back to the Caribbean homeland and assuage societal abandonment. Frankly, senior citizens should avoid the cold climates of North American and EU Diaspora cities.
Media Arts – Film, TV, Stage, Music, e-Games
While prospects for many traditional 20th Century industries (factories, auto, steel, mining) have declined in the US due to the competitive imbalance of globalization, media continues to flourish. In 2011 the global box office amassed $32.6 billion in revenues. Hollywood continues to be a growing and impactful economic engine. Broadway saw $11.2 billion that year, while music and other media continued to enjoy strong numbers. US Media Arts have become more than just past-time, it’s a sustainable lifestyle.
The CU roadmap posits that art and music can drive big economic returns as long as the complete eco-system is there to identify, foster & compensate stakeholders.
Cultural Neutralizations – Domination of airwaves
There are other cultures than just American. If not abated, the American media will dominate and neutralize the airwaves. Caribbean culture should be preserved and promoted. With American media comes American values, and these may not always advocate what’s best for Caribbean life. Consider consumerism, proliferation of guns and drugs, societal abandonment, language assimilation and other social ills.
The CU roadmap makes comparison to cultural protectionism as employed in France versus the free market approach in the US. While France doesn’t lead many of the world’s media output, they have maintained their unique culture. This propels their tourism – 25 million visitors to Paris.
Sports Professionalism
The American leagues for Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer and even their Olympic models inspire athletes that they can earn a living based on their talents, disciplines and abilities. There are many levels for the American sports world, so even if money is not the object, other benefits, like educational scholarships and civic pride, can often provide positive impacts on society. The quadrennial Olympics are more successful today because of the Americanization of the business models of these events; which is heavy on media, sponsorships and free-market ticket sales.
The Go Lean roadmap includes a comprehensive sport promotion and administration apparatus within the CU Cabinet level State Department.
Win at all costs ethic
There is a worldwide movement to curb the sport world of performance enhancing drugs. Many of the recent advances in the “outlaw” industry have emerged from the US (i.e. BALCO, HGH, PEDS, etc.). This scourge is part of the “win at all costs” ethos that American sports seem to foster. This attitude also relates to the treatment of the retired athletes; this refers to the abandonment of expended athletes, once they are perceived to offer no further contributions.
The Go Lean roadmap calls for rebooting sports administration, including the establishment of an Anti-Doping agency within the CU Trade Federation to elevate regulation and enforcement to the federal level. Other benefits of the regional focus will include better oversight of sports academies, agents and leagues.

A large number of Caribbean people live abroad, in the Diaspora. They live in places like the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. This commentary is Part 1 of 4 in a series examining the destinations of this Caribbean Diaspora. The full series is as follows:

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Everyone is urged to lean-in to the roadmap to introduce and implement the Caribbean Union Trade Federation (CU).

Download the book Go Lean … Caribbean – now!

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