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Why not share … ? – Encore2021/09/13Ethos, Planning
St Patrick’s Day 2021 – Does It Really Matter? – ENCORE2021/03/17Ethos, Social, Strategy
“Black British” Reality Exposed – Encore2021/03/09Ethos, Locations, Social
Women’s Day – Today and Everyday – Helping Them Change the World – Encore2021/03/08Ethos, Social, Strategy
Zero Sum: Realities of Globalism2021/02/21Economics, Ethos, Industries, Strategy
Zero Sum: Lesson 101 – No More “Gold Standard”2021/02/20Economics, Ethos, Government, Social
Black History – Pandemic-wise: A Lesson from the Ancestors2021/02/17Ethos, Industries, Social
Happy Lunar New Year … Again – Encore2021/02/12Ethos, Planning, Social
One Person Can Make a Difference – ENCORE2021/02/11Ethos, Social, Strategy
Mineral Extraction 101 – Sovereign Wealth Fund – Not the Panacea2021/01/29Government, Industries, Strategy
Mineral Extraction 101 – Restoration after Extraction – Cool Sites2021/01/26Government, Industries, Strategy
Mineral Extraction 101 – Commerce of the Seas – Encore2021/01/25Economics, Ethos, Government, Implementation, Industries
Mineral Extraction 101 – Industrial Reboot – Modern Factories – Small Footprints2021/01/24Industries, Strategy
Mineral Extraction 101 – Lessons from History: Jamaica’s Bauxite2021/01/23Economics, Government, Implementation, Industries, Locations
Mineral Extraction 101 – Raw Materials ==> Finished Goods2021/01/22Ethos, Industries, Strategy
“From the back of the Bus to the White House” – No need to Imagine – Encore2021/01/20Ethos, Government, Social
‘Land of the Free’ are only ‘Hollow Words’ – ENCORE2021/01/15Ethos, Social
How to fix the COVID economy?2021/01/10Ethos, Industries, Strategy
American Democracy? We can do better! – Encore2021/01/07Ethos, Government, Social
Butch Stewart – A Full Caribbean Life, RIP2021/01/05Ethos, Industries, Locations, Social
Brexit Manifestation: Not So Good2020/12/31Economics, Ethos, Government, Social, Strategy
2020 Review: No Perfect Vision2020/12/28Economics, Ethos, Government, Planning, Social
Long Train of Abuses: Puerto Rico – “Take the Heat” or “Get out of the Kitchen” – Encore2020/12/14Economics, Ethos, Government, Strategy
Long Train of Abuses: Dutch Hypocrisy – Liberal Amsterdam vs Conservative Antilles2020/12/12Ethos, Locations, Social
Long Train of Abuses: Religious Character in Society – Human Rights2020/12/10Ethos, Locations, Planning, Social
Long Train of Abuses: Religious Leadership in Government – Reconciling Trump2020/12/09Ethos, Government, Social
Long Train of Abuses: Overseas Masters – Cannot See Overseas2020/12/07Ethos, Government, Locations, Strategy
Long Train of Abuses: Enough Already … from Colonialism2020/12/05Ethos, Government, Social
Hello Travel Insurance – No Longer Optional2020/11/27Ethos, Government, Industries, Strategy
Decision 2020 – Diaspora Accepting their New Home2020/11/25Ethos, Government, Social, Strategy
Decision 2020 – The Winner: Cannabis2020/11/17Ethos, Government, Planning, Social
Decision 2020 – It is what it is; ‘we are who we are’2020/11/14Ethos, Government, Social
Decision 2020 – Voices From the ‘Peanut Gallery’2020/11/13Government, Social
Decision 2020 – ‘Hasta La Vista’ Trump2020/11/12Government, Social
Decision 2020 – What’s Next for Cuba & Venezuela2020/10/30Ethos, Government, Locations, Social, Strategy
Decision 2020 – More Immigration or Less2020/10/28Ethos, Government, Locations, Social, Strategy
Decision 2020 – Latino Gender Gap – More Toxic Masculinity2020/10/27Ethos, Government, Social
Decision 2020 – Haitian Agenda 2016 ==> 20202020/10/26Ethos, Government, Social
Decision 2020 – Puerto Rico claps back at Trump2020/10/20Ethos, Government, Social
Remembering History Correctly – Encore2020/10/12Ethos, Implementation, Social, Strategy
Banking on the Bank: IDB2020/10/10Economics, Government, Industries, Strategy
Toxic Environment ==> Toxic Masculinity2020/10/02Ethos, Government, Social
Toxic Environment – Make the Caribbean Great (Anew)2020/09/30Economics, Ethos, Government, Industries, Strategy
Toxic Environment – Ease of Doing Business2020/09/28Ethos, Government, Industries, Planning
Toxic Environment – Lessons from Yugoslavia2020/09/26Ethos, Planning, Social, Strategy
Toxic Environment – Opposite of ‘Diversity & Inclusion’2020/09/24Ethos, Government, Industries, Social
Toxic Environment – Homophobia: Hate not Fear – Encore2020/09/23Economics, Ethos, Government, Social
Toxic Environment – It Infects Everything2020/09/22Ethos, Industries, Social
‘Climate Change’ raging Worse for some compared to others2020/09/20Ethos, Industries, Planning, Social
Abaco, Bahamas – Losing the Battles on Two Fronts2020/09/19Ethos, Government, Locations, Strategy
Naomi Osaka – Shining Bright in the Darkness of 2020 – Encore2020/09/13Ethos, Social, Strategy
Coronavirus Deaths: Debunking a Conspiracy Theory2020/09/04Ethos, Government, Social, Strategy
Pandemic Playbook – Freedom vs Safety2020/09/01Government, Industries, Locations, Social
Pandemic Playbook – Success Looks like New Zealand2020/08/30Ethos, Government, Locations, Social
Pandemic Playbook – COVID Vaccine: To Be or Not To Be2020/08/29Ethos, Government, Social, Strategy
Pandemic Playbook – Only at the Precipice, Do People Change – ENCORE2020/08/28Ethos, Government, Industries, Social
Pandemic Playbook – Caribbean Inadequacies – Bahamas Example: ‘Too Little Too Late’2020/08/27Government, Locations, Planning, Strategy
Pandemic Playbook – Caribbean Inadequacies: Missing the Bubble Opportunities2020/08/26Government, Industries, Social, Tactical
Pandemic Playbook – Worldwide Leadership: Plan ==> Actual2020/08/25Government, Tactical
This Day 100 Years Ago – Women’s Right To Vote2020/08/18Ethos, Planning, Social
Conscientizing on VIDEO: Advocating for Empathy2020/07/31Ethos, Social
Black Image – The N-Word 1012020/07/30Ethos, Social
Black Image – Beyond Slavery: 1884 Berlin Conference2020/07/29Ethos, Government, Planning, Social
Black Image – Slavery in History: Lessons from the Bible2020/07/28Ethos, Planning, Social
Black Image – Colorism: The Stain of Whiteness – Encore2020/07/26Ethos, Planning, Social
Black Image – Pluralism is the Goal2020/07/25Ethos, Planning, Social
Black Image – Learning from ‘Corporate Reboots’2020/07/23Economics, Ethos, Industries, Planning, Social
Hamilton – Comes to the Masses – Encore2020/07/15Ethos, Government, Industries, Social
Rise from the Ashes – Learning from the ‘Great Depression’2020/07/11Economics, Government, Planning
Rise from the Ashes – Watch Out for the Wrong Ethos2020/06/30Ethos, Social
Rise from the Ashes – War: “What is it good for?”2020/06/28Ethos, Planning, Social, Tactical
Rise from the Ashes – Political Revolutions: Calling ‘Balls & Strikes’2020/06/27Economics, Government, Planning, Social
Rise from the Ashes – Natural Disasters: The Price of Paradise – Encore2020/06/25Ethos, Planning, Social
Rise from the Ashes – One person – Dead or Alive – can make a difference2020/06/24Ethos, Social
Rise from the Ashes – Phoenix Mythology2020/06/22Ethos, Social
Labor Realities: Essential or Sacrificial – Encore2020/06/20Economics, Industries, Social
Happy Juneteenth2020/06/19Locations, Social
Good Leadership: Example – Mitigating Crime2020/05/31Ethos, Government, Implementation, Strategy, Tactical
Good Leadership: Example – “Leader of the Free World”?2020/05/30Ethos, Government, Strategy
Good Leadership: Hypocrisy cancels out Law-and-Order2020/05/24Ethos, Government, Implementation, Social
Good Leadership: Next Generation of ‘Agile’ Project Delivery2020/05/23Ethos, Government, Implementation, Industries
Good Leadership: Caring builds trust; trust builds caring2020/05/22Economics, Ethos, Government, Implementation
Good Leadership: Inaction is Deadly2020/05/21Ethos, Government, Social
‘All Take and No Give’ = No Loyalty; No Patriotism – Encore2020/05/20Ethos, Social, Strategy
Education in the USA is Illogical For “Us”2020/05/15Economics, Planning, Social, Strategy
Keep the Change: Mono-Industrial Economy Exhaustion2020/04/26Economics, Ethos, Industries, Strategy
Keep the Change: Being ‘Basic’ about Basic Needs2020/04/25Economics, Ethos, Government, Industries, Planning
Keep the Change: Making e-Learning Work2020/04/24Economics, Strategy
Keep the Change: Working From Home2020/04/23Economics, Ethos, Government, Industries, Strategy
Keep the Change: Hope for the Environment2020/04/22Ethos, Government, Strategy
Blog # 1000 – Master Class: Economics and Society2020/04/21Economics, Social
European Role Model: Not when ‘Push’ comes to ‘Shove’2020/04/18Government, Social, Strategy
BHAG – Need ‘Big Brother’ for Pandemics2020/04/17Economics, Ethos, Government, Industries, Social, Strategy
BHAG – Caribbean Media: Learning from Netflix et al2020/03/29Economics, Social, Strategy
BHAG – Outreach to the World: Why Not a Profit Center – Encore2020/03/28Economics, Government, Planning, Strategy
BHAG – One Voice: Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Stance2020/03/27Government, Planning, Strategy
BHAG – Infrastructure Spending … finally funding 'Toll Roads'2020/03/16Economics, Government, Industries
BHAG – Regional Currency – ‘In God We Trust’2020/03/13Economics, Government, Industries, Planning
BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) Actuality2020/03/12Planning, Strategy
Coronavirus: ‘Clear and Present’ Threat to Economic Security2020/03/11Economics, Government, Planning, Strategy
Chef Jose Andres – A Hero … Not Just for the Caribbean Alone – Encore2020/03/10Ethos, Implementation, Social
‘Missing Solar’ – Moral Authority to “Name, Blame and Shame” the Big Polluters – Encore2020/03/04Ethos, Government, Strategy
‘Missing Solar’ – Go Green … finally – Encore2020/03/03Industries, Strategy, Tactical
‘Missing Solar’ – Inadequacies Exposed to the World – Encore2020/03/02Economics, Ethos, Government, Locations, Tactical
Brain Drain – ‘Live and Let Live’: Introducing Localism2020/02/29Economics, Ethos, Social
Brain Drain – Tiger Moms – Is that so bad?2020/02/28Ethos, Social, Strategy
Brain Drain – Geeks and Freaks: Ultimate Revenge2020/02/27Ethos, Social
Brain Drain – Brain Gain: Yes we can!2020/02/26Economics, Ethos, Locations, Social, Strategy
Brain Drain – Where the Brains Are2020/02/25Economics, Ethos, Social, Strategy
RIP Katherine Johnson – STEM Forerunner & Rocket Scientist – Encore2020/02/24Ethos, Social
Coronavirus – Facts and Fictions2020/02/21Economics, Government, Social, Strategy
Guyana Diaspora – Not the Panacea2020/02/11Government, Social, Strategy
Forging Change – Labor's Cautionary Tale2020/01/31Economics, Ethos, Industries, Social
Forging Change – Public-Private Partnerships2020/01/31Ethos, Government, Industries, Social, Strategy
Forging Change – Opposition Research: Special Interest2020/01/30Ethos, Government, Strategy
Forging Change – By Building Momentum2020/01/30Government, Social, Strategy
Cursed in Paradise – ‘Enriquillo’ Fault-line2020/01/29Government, Planning, Tactical
Remembering Auschwitz – Still Relevant2020/01/27Ethos, Social, Tactical
Happy Chinese New Year2020/01/25Economics, Industries, Social
Profiting from ‘Climate Change’2020/01/22Economics, Implementation, Industries
2019: A ‘Year of Living Dangerously’2019/12/31Ethos, Social
Food Security – Big Chicken 1012019/12/30Economics, Industries, Strategy
Food Security – A Lesson in History: Free Trade Agreement of the Americas2019/12/29Economics, Industries
Food Security – Opportunity: “1 Iowa County Supplies all the Beef for a Cruise Line”2019/12/28Economics, Implementation, Industries
Food Security – Temperate Foods in the Tropics – Encore2019/12/27Economics, Industries, Strategy
Food Security – Bread Basket 1012019/12/26Economics, Ethos, Government, Industries, Strategy
A Gathering of ‘Old Men’ – 1972 Dolphins ENCORE2019/12/23Ethos, Industries, Social
Christian Journal Urges: ‘Remove Trump’2019/12/20Ethos, Government, Planning, Social
Learning from Another ‘Great Place to Work’: Mercedes-Benz2019/12/19Economics, Ethos, Industries, Planning
Marijuana in Detroit – Chaos on Chaos2019/12/17Ethos, Government, Social
Better Than … the ‘Bill of Rights’ – Ninth & Tenth Amendments2019/11/27Ethos, Government, Tactical
Better Than … the ‘Bill of Rights’ – Seventh & Eighth Amendments2019/11/26Ethos, Government, Social
Better Than … the ‘Bill of Rights’ – Fifth & Sixth Amendments2019/11/25Ethos, Government, Planning
Better Than … the ‘Bill of Rights’ – ‘Third & Fourth Amendments’: Justice First2019/11/24Ethos, Government, Planning, Social
Better Than … the ‘Bill of Rights’ – Second Amendment: No Slavery Legacy2019/11/23Ethos, Government, Planning, Social
Better Than … the ‘Bill of Rights’ – We can do better!2019/11/22Ethos, Government, Planning
Missing Out on the ‘Rush’ – Encore2019/11/20Ethos, Industries, Strategy
An Ode to JPMorganChase – This is how ‘Change’ happens2019/11/19Ethos, Government, Industries, Locations
Internet Birthday – Still Growing Up after 50 Years2019/10/30Ethos, Industries, Strategy
One Step Closer: e-Money Solutions2019/10/29Economics, Government, Implementation, Industries
UPDATE: The Most Powerful Woman in the World2019/10/25Ethos, Government, Social
Refuse to Lose – Direct Foreign Investors ‘Wind-Downs’2019/10/23Ethos, Industries, Tactical
Refuse to Lose – Canada’s Model of Ascent2019/10/21Ethos, Locations, Strategy
Refuse to Lose – Despite American Expansionism2019/10/18Ethos, Industries, Strategy
Refuse to Lose – Introducing Formal Reconciliations2019/10/15Ethos, Social, Strategy
Refuse to Lose – Remediating ‘Columbus Day’2019/10/14Ethos, Social, Strategy
Refuse to Lose – A Lesson from Sports2019/10/13Ethos, Industries, Strategy
Unequal Justice: Student Loans Could Dictate Justice2019/09/30Economics, Ethos, Government, Implementation
Unequal Justice: Envy and the Seven Deadly Sins2019/09/29Economics, Ethos, Government, Social
Unequal Justice: Bullying Magnified to Disrupt Commerce2019/09/28Economics, Government, Industries, Tactical
Unequal Justice: Sheriffs and the need for ‘soft’ Tyrannicide2019/09/27Ethos, Government, Tactical
After Dorian, Rebuilding Partners: China Versus America2019/09/25Industries, Strategy
After Dorian, Housing Needs: Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda – Encore2019/09/23Economics, Government, Industries
After Dorian, ‘Fool Me Twice’ on Flooding2019/09/18Government, Implementation, Strategy
After Dorian, Regionalism – ‘How you like me now?’2019/09/16Government, Industries, Strategy
After Dorian, The Science of Power Restoration – Encore2019/09/08Government, Implementation, Industries
Chef Jose Andres – Role Model for Hurricane Relief – "One Meal at a Time"2019/09/04Ethos, Implementation, Social
More Storms: Rinse and Repeat – Encore2019/09/03Government, Strategy
Disaster Relief: Helping, Not Hurting – Encore2019/09/02Government, Implementation
400 Years of Slavery – Sequel: Greatest Story Never Told2019/08/31Ethos, Social
400 Years of Slavery – Cop-on-Black Shootings in America’s DNA – Encore2019/08/30Ethos, Social
400 Years of Slavery – Where is ‘Home’?2019/08/29Ethos, Social
400 Years of Slavery – Emancipation Day: Hardly ‘Free At Last’2019/08/27Ethos, Social
400 Years of Slavery – International Day of Rememberance – Encore2019/08/23Ethos, Social
400 Years of Slavery – Lessons Learned from America's Start2019/08/23Ethos, Social
An Ode to Miami – Not A Temporary Stop for 'Us'2019/08/21Ethos, Locations, Social
Nassau’s 2019 Self-Made Energy Crisis2019/08/15Government, Tactical
Born After Woodstock – Lessons for the Caribbean2019/08/15Ethos, Industries, Social
Regulating Plastics in the Bahamas – So Little; So Late – Encore2019/08/12Economics, Government, Strategy
What Went Wrong? Losing the Best; Nation-building with the Rest2019/07/29Ethos, Social, Strategy
What Went Wrong? Failing the Lessons from ‘Infrastructure 101’ – Encore2019/07/26Government, Implementation, Industries
What Went Wrong? ‘Be our Guest’ – The Rules of Hospitality2019/07/23Ethos, Industries, Social
What Went Wrong? ‘7 to 1’ – Quantifying Caribbean ‘Less Than’2019/07/22Ethos, Social
What Went Wrong? ‘We’ never had our war!2019/07/21Ethos, Planning, Tactical
What Went Wrong? Asking ‘Why’ is Important – Encore2019/07/18Ethos, Government, Implementation, Social, Strategy
Moonshots! Here We Go Again2019/07/17Ethos, Industries, Planning, Social
Profiting from the Migration Crisis – Encore2019/07/16Ethos, Government, Strategy
‘Ross Perot’, RIP, was right! – Encore2019/07/11Economics, Social, Strategy
Forging Change – ‘That’s What Friends Are For’2019/07/09Ethos, Social, Strategy
‘Tipsy Bartender’ – Revisited: Still growing – Encore2019/06/30Economics, Implementation, Industries, Social
Caribbean 'Pride' – "Can we all just get along" – Encore2019/06/28Economics, Ethos, Government, Industries, Locations, Social, Uncategorized
Remembering Michael Jackson – The 'King of Pop'2019/06/25Industries, Social
‘Free Market’ Versus … Common Pool Resources2019/06/24Economics, Ethos, Government, Locations
‘Free Market’ Versus … Labor Unions – Junior Communists?2019/06/23Economics, Ethos, Government, Industries
‘Free Market’ Versus … Cooperatives – Simple Solution2019/06/22Economics, Ethos, Government, Industries
‘Free Market’ Versus … Socialism – Very Prevalent in the Caribbean – Encore2019/06/21Economics, Ethos, Government
'Free Market' Versus … China – Two Systems at Play2019/06/20Economics, Ethos, Government
'Free Market’ Versus … Communism – Lessons from History2019/06/19Economics, Ethos, Government
Is the US a ‘Just’ Soceity? Hardly! – ENCORE2019/06/14Ethos, Government, Social
A Lesson in History – 25 years after the "OJ Murders"2019/06/11Ethos, Government, Social
Blog # 900 – 2020: Where Vision is Perfected2019/06/07Ethos, Planning, Social
Caribbean Regiment – We were ‘there’ in World War II2019/06/06Ethos, Government, Social
Caribbean Roots: Grand Master Flash2019/06/04Ethos, Industries, Social
Dealing with Hurricane Season 2019 … and beyond2019/06/02Government, Planning, Social
My Brother’s Keeper2019/05/30Ethos, Social
Remembering Rwanda – ENCORE2019/05/29Ethos, Government, Social
Changing the Culture & Currency of Commerce2019/05/27Economics, Ethos, Industries
Continuity of Business: Learning from Instagram's system failures2019/05/23Implementation, Industries, Planning
Wal-Mart now doing ‘Next Day’ deliveries2019/05/22Economics, Industries, Strategy
Bad Ethos Retarding 'New Commerce'2019/05/21Economics, Ethos, Industries, Locations
Moving Forward with Transportation Solutions2019/05/19Industries, Strategy
Marshall Plan – Is $91 Billion a Redux for Puerto Rico?2019/05/14Economics, Government, Locations
Marshall Plan – Funding: How to Pay for Change2019/05/13Economics, Government, Industries, Strategy
Marshall Plan – Haiti: Past time for Mitigation2019/05/12Economics, Government, Locations
Marshall Plan – Cuba: An Imminent need for ‘Free Market’ Emergence2019/05/10Economics, Government, Locations, Planning
Marshall Plan – A Lesson in History2019/05/09Economics, Government, Planning
Industrial Reboot – Amusement Parks2019/05/08Industries, Locations, Strategy
Barbados Diaspora – Not the Panacea2019/04/30Ethos, Locations, Strategy
Way Forward – ‘Whatever it takes’: Life Imitating Art2019/04/24Ethos, Social, Strategy
Way Forward – For Independence: Territory Realities2019/04/23Government, Locations, Strategy
Way Forward – For Energy: ‘Trade’ Winds2019/04/21Implementation, Locations, Strategy
Way Forward – For Justice: Special Prosecutors – Encore2019/04/18Ethos, Government, Strategy
Way Forward – Caribbean ‘Single Market’ for Media2019/04/17Economics, Ethos, Industries
Way Forward – Jamaica: Must reconcile the Past2019/04/09Ethos, Locations, Strategy
Way Forward – Common 'Solutions' for the Bahamas – An Inadequate Plan2019/04/05Ethos, Social, Strategy
Way Forward – Virgin Islands: America’s Youngest Colony2019/04/04Economics, Ethos, Social, Strategy
Way Forward – Puerto Rico: Learns its status with America2019/04/03Ethos, Planning, Social
White Paper: A Nation in Chaos – The Solution Series2019/04/02Ethos, Social
Hurricane in Africa? That’s ‘Climate Change’2019/03/22Ethos, Social, Tactical
Caribbean Cruise Port ‘Held Hostage’2019/03/18Economics, Government, Industries, Locations, Strategy
Montserrat: No ‘Irish Luck’2019/03/17Locations, Social
Uber: A Better 'Mousetrap'2019/03/13Economics, Industries, Strategy
Women Empowerment – Accepting Black Women 'As Is'2019/03/11Ethos, Social, Tactical
Women Empowerment – Sallie Krawcheck – Power of ‘Her’ Wallet2019/03/09Ethos, Social
Women Empowerment – Captain Marvel: We need “Sheroes” in Facts and Fiction2019/03/08Ethos, Industries, Planning, Social
Women Empowerment – Kamala Harris: From Caribbean Legacy to the White House?2019/03/07Ethos, Government, Social
Women Empowerment – Viola Desmond Fascination – Encore2019/03/06Ethos, Social
Women Empowerment – Thoughts. Feelings. Speech. Action.2019/03/05Ethos, Social
Exploring Medical School Opportunities … as Economic Engines2019/03/01Economics, Industries, Locations
Cuba’s Progress: New Constitution2019/02/27Economics, Ethos, Government, Social
‘Two Pies’ for a New Caribbean – ENCORE2019/02/23Economics, Ethos, Government, Strategy
Crypto-currency: Here comes ‘Trouble’2019/02/20Economics, Industries, Strategy, Tactical
War on Cancer: Survivors Emerge from 'Better Battles'2019/02/19Economics, Industries, Social, Strategy
Barbados Ready for 'Free Movement'2019/02/18Economics, Locations, Strategy
‘February 14’ commemorating ‘Hate, Not Love’ this year – ENCORE2019/02/13Ethos, Government, Locations, Social
Role Models in Pan-Africana: W.E.B. DuBois2019/02/08Ethos, Social
Role Models in Pan-Africana: Angela Davis – Hero or Villian?2019/02/07Ethos, Social
Role Models in Pan-Africana: Bob Marley's Legend and Legacy – ENCORE2019/02/06Ethos, Social
Role Models in Pan-Africana: Marcus Garvey – ENCORE2019/02/05Ethos, Social
Role Models in Pan-Africana: Dr. Bennet Omalu – ENCORE2019/02/04Ethos, Social
Ready for February – Black History Month2019/01/31Ethos, Social
Justice and Economics – Both needed to forge change2019/01/30Economics, Government, Tactical
Bad Partners – Cruise Lines Interactions2019/01/27Government, Industries, Locations
European Reckoning – Black ‘Greco-Roman’ Wrestler victimized for his hair2019/01/21Ethos, Social
European Reckoning – Christianity’s Indictment2019/01/20Ethos, Locations, Social
European Reckoning – Settlers -vs- Immigrants2019/01/19Ethos, Government, Social
European Reckoning – China seeks to de-Americanize the world’s economy2019/01/18Economics, Ethos, Government, Strategy
European Reckoning – Reconciling the IMF’s Past, Present and Future2019/01/17Economics, Ethos, Government, Strategy
On Martin Luther King’s 90th Birthday – America is still ‘Dreaming’ – ENCORE2019/01/15Ethos, Social
Transforming Hindus versus Women – What it means for us?2019/01/07Ethos, Government, Social
Hamilton – “History has its eyes on you”2019/01/02Ethos, Industries, Social
News on the 8’s – Review of Impactful Years … ending in 8 (1918 – 2018)2018/12/24Ethos, Government, Strategy
Bad Ethos on Home Violence2018/12/23Ethos, Locations, Social
The Caribbean – A People or A Place?2018/12/22Ethos, Social
5 Years Later – Aging Diaspora: Finding Home … anywhere2018/12/21Ethos, Industries, Social
5 Years Later – Technology: Caribbean countries fully on board2018/12/20Ethos, Industries, Strategy
5 Years Later – Climate Change: Coming so fast, so furious2018/12/19Ethos, Government, Strategy
5 Years Later – They can hear you now about the Post Office – ENCORE2018/12/15Government, Implementation, Industries
When ‘Elizabeth’ Dies …2018/12/11Government, Strategy
This Day in 1941: Pearl Harbor – ENCORE2018/12/07Ethos, Government, Social, Strategy
Remembering George H.W. Bush and ADA2018/12/03Government, Planning, Social
In Defense of Trade – Currency Assassins: Real Threat2018/11/27Economics, Government, Strategy
In Defense of Trade – Bilateral Tariffs: No one wins2018/11/25Economics, Government, Strategy
In Defense of Trade – India’s Business Process Outsourcing2018/11/23Economics, Industries, Strategy
In Defense of Trade – Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Model – ENCORE2018/11/22Economics, Industries, Strategy
In Defense of Trade – China Realities2018/11/21Economics, Strategy
A Lesson in History: Jonestown, Guyana2018/11/18Ethos, Government, Social, Strategy
100 Years of Armistice Day – ENCORE2018/11/11Ethos, Planning
Guy Fawkes – A Lesson in History2018/11/10Ethos, Planning, Social
Mid-Term Elections 2018: No Vote; No Voice2018/11/07Ethos, Social, Strategy
Diwali 2018 – A Glimpse of our Pluralistic Democracy – ENCORE2018/11/06Ethos, Locations, Social, Strategy
Good Governance: Good Corporate Compliance2018/10/30Ethos, Government, Industries, Tactical
Good Governance: Getting ‘Out of the Way’ of Local Economic Empowerment2018/10/29Ethos, Government, Industries, Tactical
Good Governance: The Kind of Society We Want2018/10/27Ethos, Government, Planning, Tactical
Good Governance: Stepping Up in an Emergency2018/10/25Ethos, Government, Tactical
Good Governance: … vs Partisan Politics2018/10/24Ethos, Government, Tactical
Remembering the Moment – 1968’s Proudest Protest – ENCORE2018/10/16Ethos, Social
Retail Apocalypse and Sears – Another One Bites the Dust – ENCORE2018/10/16Economics, Industries, Strategy
Climate Change Catastrophe: 12 Year Countdown2018/10/15Ethos, Government, Social, Strategy
Paul Romer – Congrats to the New Nobel Laureate2018/10/13Economics, Ethos, Strategy
Industrial Reboot – Payment Cards 1012018/10/11Economics, Government, Implementation, Strategy
Industrial Reboot – Navy Pier 1012018/10/09Economics, Government, Industries, Strategy, Tactical
Industrial Reboot – Reinsurance 1012018/10/02Economics, Industries, Tactical
Amazon: ‘What I want to be when I grow up’2018/10/01Economics, Implementation, Industries
Network Mandates for a New Caribbean2018/09/26Economics, Ethos, Industries, Social
First Day of Autumn – Let’s Get Going South – ENCORE2018/09/22Industries, Strategy
Lessons Learned from 2008: Still Recovering2018/09/20Economics, Ethos, Government, Industries
Lessons Learned from 2008: Righting The Wrong – ENCORE2018/09/19Economics, Industries, Strategy
Lessons Learned from 2008: Too Big to Fail –vs- Too Small to Thrive2018/09/18Economics, Industries, Strategy
Lessons Learned from 2008: The Long View – ENCORE2018/09/15Ethos, Implementation
Blog 800 – An Inconvenient Truth – Caribbean Version2018/09/14Ethos, Implementation, Planning
Mortimer Candies … Thriving at 902018/09/13Ethos, Industries, Social
Naomi Osaka’s recipe for success: Caribbean Meld2018/09/12Ethos, Social, Strategy
Manifesting High-Tech Neighborhoods2018/09/11Ethos, Industries, Strategy
Sad: ‘Only the Good Die Young’ – ENCORE2018/09/09Ethos, Social, Strategy
‘Freedom of Speech’ has consequences2018/09/05Government, Industries, Tactical
Ready for Football 2018? – ENCORE2018/08/31Economics, Ethos, Industries, Social
Message to Federal Workforce for Labor Day: “No, on that raise” – ENCORE2018/08/31Economics, Government, Social
Caribbean Unity? Religion’s Role: False Friend2018/08/30Ethos, Government
Caribbean Unity? Need French Antilles2018/08/29Government, Locations, Strategy
Caribbean Unity? Ross University Saga2018/08/28Government, Implementation, Locations
Caribbean Unity? What a Joke – Tourism Missteps2018/08/23Government, Strategy, Tactical
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Funding the Russell Family Memorial – RIP2017/03/28Ethos, Industries, Social
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See Something, Say Something … Do Something2017/03/23Ethos, Government, Locations, Social
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150 Years of HBCU’s – ENCORE2017/03/05Economics, Government, Strategy
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More ‘Bad News’ for Freeport2017/02/12Ethos, Industries, Strategy
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Courting Caribbean Votes – Cuban-Americans2016/10/10Social, Strategy
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Courting Caribbean Votes – Puerto Ricans2016/10/08Social, Strategy
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Securing the Homeland – On the Ground2016/09/16Government, Strategy
Securing the Homeland – From the Seas2016/09/15Government, Strategy
Securing the Homeland – From the Air2016/09/14Government, Strategy
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Proclaim ‘International Caribbean Day’2016/09/12Ethos, Social, Strategy
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Support sought for kids left behind by UN troops in Haiti2016/07/23Ethos, Government, Implementation
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Bahamas Issued US Travel Advisory Citing Police Violence2016/07/11Government, Social
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Women Get Ready for New Lean-In Campaign2016/06/26Ethos, Government, Social
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Obama – Bad For Caribbean Status Quo2016/03/31Government, Social
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Pre-Fab Housing and Elder-Care Conjunction2016/03/04Economics, Industries, Social
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Oil Refineries – Strategy for Advanced Economics2016/02/03Economics, Industries, Strategy
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Death of the ‘Department Store’: Exaggerated or Eventual2016/01/27Economics, Government, Industries, Strategy
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Secrecy, corruption and conflicts of interest pervade state governments2015/11/17Ethos, Government, Tactical
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Ten Puerto Rico Police Accused of Criminal Network2015/10/14Government, Implementation, Locations
Vegas Casinos Place Bets on Video Games2015/10/13Economics, Industries, Strategy
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Before and After Photos Showing Detroit’s Riverfront Transformation2015/10/01Ethos, Implementation, Industries
New Security Chip in Credit Cards Unveiled2015/10/01Economics, Industries, Tactical
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Sports Role Model – ‘WWE Network’2015/09/20Economics, Implementation, Social
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Education & Economics: Welcome Mr. President2015/09/10Economics, Strategy
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China’s Caribbean Playbook: America’s Script2015/09/02Economics, Locations, Strategy
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3D Printing: Here Comes Change2015/08/12Ethos, Implementation, Industries
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Sum of All Fears – ‘On Guard’ Against Deadly Threats2015/08/06Government, Tactical
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Hotter than July – Still ‘Third World’2015/07/28Industries, Planning, Social
Carnival to ban carry-on bottled beverages2015/07/23Industries, Strategy
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Computer Glitches Disrupt Business As Usual2015/07/09Economics, Government, Implementation, Industries, Strategy, Tactical
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Buggery in Jamaica – ‘Say It Ain’t So’!2015/07/02Economics, Ethos, Government, Social
Pressed by Debt Crisis, Doctors Leave Greece in Droves2015/07/01Economics, Planning, Social
Better than America? Yes, We Can!2015/06/30Ethos, Social, Strategy
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Repenting, Forgiving and Reconciling the Past2015/06/27Ethos, Locations, Social
Move over Mastercard/Visa2015/06/24Economics, Industries, Locations
Taylor Swift withholds Album from Apple Music2015/06/23Economics, Ethos, Industries, Social
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For-Profit Education: Plenty of Profit; Little Education2015/06/08Economics, Industries
Role Model: Edward Snowden – One Person Making a Difference2015/06/08Ethos, Government, Social
In Search Of The Red Cross’ $500 Million In Haiti Relief2015/06/04Government, Implementation
China Internet Policing – Model for Caribbean2015/06/03Government, Industries, Social
Extracurricular Music Programs Boost Students2015/05/28Economics, Ethos, Social
‘Significant’ oil deposit found offshore Guyana2015/05/25Economics, Government, Implementation
Drones to be used for Insurance Damage Claims2015/05/22Government, Implementation, Industries
POTUS and the Internet2015/05/19Government, Implementation, Social
Blog # 300 – Legacies: Cause and Effect2015/05/18Ethos, Government
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8th Violent Crime Warning to Bahamas Tourists2015/05/17Economics, Government
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Post-Mortem of Inaugural Junkanoo Carnival2015/05/15Economics, Government, Social
Prisoners for Profit – #ManifestJustice2015/05/13Ethos, Industries
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Immigrants account for 1 in 11 Blacks in USA2015/04/29Economics, Social
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Patents: The Guardians of Innovation2015/04/26Economics, Ethos, Government
Managing a ‘Clear and Present Danger’2015/04/23Ethos, Government
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Ann Arbor: Model for ‘Start-up’ Cities2015/04/16Ethos, Government
US Backs LNG Distribution Base in Jamaica2015/04/15Economics, Government, Locations
Is Martinique the Next Caribbean Surfing Capital?2015/04/14Economics, Locations
A Picture is worth a thousand words; a video … a million2015/04/09Ethos, Government
Jamaican Poll: ‘Bring back the British!’2015/04/03Government, Locations
Americans arrested for aiding ISIS2015/04/02Government, Implementation
Truth in Commerce – Learning from Yelp2015/04/01Government, Industries
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Vanuatu and Tuvalu – Inadequate response to human suffering2015/03/25Government, Strategy
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Rare Earths: The new ‘Rush’2015/03/23Industries, Strategy
Review: ‘Merchants of Doubt’ Documentary2015/03/20Ethos, Strategy
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The ‘Luck of the Irish’ – Past, Present and Future2015/03/17Social, Strategy
Burlington, Vermont: First city to be powered 100% by renewables2015/03/16Implementation, Strategy
Role Model: Innovative Educator Ron Clark2015/03/15Economics, Government
US Territories – Between a ‘rock and a hard place’2015/03/13Government, Locations, Strategy
Big Defense: Peace is bad for business2015/03/12Economics, Ethos, Government
Colorism in Cuba … and Beyond2015/03/10Ethos, Government, Locations
FAMU is No. 3 for Facilitating Economic Opportunity2015/03/06Economics, Government
Big Salt: Short-term Benefit; Long-term Damage2015/03/05Ethos, Government, Industries
Probe of Ferguson-Missouri finds bias from cops, courts2015/03/04Ethos, Government
Cash, Credit or iPhone …2015/03/03Economics, Government, Industries
Net Neutrality: It Matters Here …2015/03/01Planning
Dreading the ‘Caribbean Basin Security Initiative’2015/02/26Government, Tactical
Study: Homes Marketed via the MLS Sell for More2015/02/25Economics, Implementation
911 – Emergency Response: System in Crisis2015/02/23Government, Implementation
Ambassadors to Caribbean discuss PetroCaribe-Energy, Security2015/02/22Economics, Government
Businesses Try to Stave-off Brain Drain as Boomers Retire2015/02/20Economics, Social
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Immigration Policy Exacerbates Worker Productivity Crisis2015/02/18Economics, Government, Locations
Getting Rich Slowly … in the Caribbean2015/02/12Economics, Ethos, Social
Caribbean Ghost Towns: It Could Happen…Again2015/02/11Economics, Government, Locations
A Lesson in History – Panamanian Balboa2015/02/10Economics, Government
The African Renaissance Monument2015/02/09Locations, Social
Daktronics – Keeping score on the world’s largest video displays2015/02/06Ethos, Industries
Detroit-area Judge to Decide if Kids Need Vaccines2015/02/05Government, Industries, Social
Media Fantasies versus Weather Realities2015/02/04Government, Tactical
New York Times Maledictions on The Bahamas2015/02/02Government, Locations, Social
How to Train Your ‘Dragon’ – Freeport Version2015/01/30Government, Industries, Locations
Watch the Super Bowl … Commercials2015/01/29Industries, Social
Sir Sidney Poitier – ‘Breaking New Ground’2015/01/28Ethos, Industries, Social
Google and Mobile Phones – Here comes Change2015/01/27Ethos, Industries, Locations
Art and Science of Collaboration2015/01/26Ethos, Government, Strategy
Success Recipe: Add Bacon to Eggs2015/01/25Ethos, Locations, Social
‘Change the way you see the world; you change the world you see’2015/01/24Ethos, Industries, Planning
RBC EZPay – Ready for Change2015/01/23Economics, Industries, Locations
ECB unveils 1 trillion Euro stimulus program2015/01/22Economics, Government
Intelligence Agencies to Up Cyber Security Cooperation2015/01/22Government, Planning
State of the Caribbean Union2015/01/21Government, Planning
Lessons from the Swiss unpegging the franc2015/01/20Economics, Government, Strategy
National Sacrifice – The Missing Ingredient2015/01/15Ethos, Government, Social
Concerns about ‘Citizenship By Investment Programs’2015/01/14Ethos, Government, Planning
Trinidad cuts 2015 budget as oil prices tumble2015/01/12Economics, Government, Locations
NEXUS: Facilitating Detroit-Windsor Commerce2015/01/09Industries, Planning
Jamaica-Canada employment programme pumps millions into local economy2015/01/08Economics, Locations
Migrant flow into US from Caribbean spikes2015/01/07Government, Planning
‘We Built This City …’2015/01/05Social, Strategy
Bahamas VAT Regime Barreling Towards Informal Economy2015/01/04Government, Implementation, Locations
Lessons Learned from Queen Conch2015/01/03Government, Planning, Strategy
For Canadian Banks: Caribbean is a ‘Bad Bet’2014/12/31Economics, Strategy
Forging Change: Music Moves People2014/12/30Ethos, Implementation, Social, Strategy
No Fear of Failure – Case Study: Bahamasair2014/12/29Ethos, Industries
Forging Change: The Sales Process2014/12/22Ethos, Implementation, Strategy
How One Entrepreneur Can Rally a Whole Community2014/12/21Economics, Ethos, Industries
Haiti to Receive $70 Million Grant to Expand Caracol Industrial Park2014/12/19Economics, Locations
Restoration of Diplomatic Relations with Cuba2014/12/18Government, Locations, Social
Forecast for higher unemployment in Caribbean in 20152014/12/18Economics, Planning
OECS diplomat has dire warning for Caribbean countries2014/12/17Ethos, Government
Levi’s® Stadium: A Team Effort2014/12/16Economics, Ethos, Social
A Christmas Present for the Banks from the Omnibus Bill2014/12/16Economics, Industries, Strategy
Plea to Detroit: Less Tech, Please2014/12/13Ethos, Industries, Planning
CARICOM Chair calls for an end to US embargo on Cuba2014/12/12Locations, Strategy
M-1 Rail: Alternative Motion in the Motor City2014/12/11Government, Planning
Detroit to exit historic bankruptcy2014/12/10Economics, Ethos, Government
Art Basel Miami – A Testament to the Spread of Culture2014/12/09Economics, Ethos, Social
Role Model Shaking Up the World of Cancer2014/12/09Economics, Ethos, Implementation
Sports Role Model – espnW.2014/12/08Social, Strategy
Caribbean less competitive due to increasing aviation taxes2014/12/06Government, Industries
Gas Prices Drop Below $22014/12/04Economics, Strategy
Robots help Amazon tackle Cyber Monday2014/12/03Economics, Industries
Michigan Unemployment – Then and Now2014/12/02Economics, Planning
Making a Great Place to Work®2014/12/02Ethos, Industries
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Geek the Library2014/11/28Ethos, Government
Introduction to Europe – All Grown Up2014/11/27Ethos, Government
Bill Cosby’s Accusers – Why They Weren’t Believed2014/11/26Ethos, Social
Obama’s immigration tweaks leave Big Tech wanting more2014/11/21Government, Strategy
Why India is doing better than most emerging markets2014/11/19Economics, Planning
Justice Strategy: Special Prosecutors … et al2014/11/18Government, Strategy
Funding Caribbean Entrepreneurs – The ‘Crowdfunding’ Way2014/11/15Economics, Strategy
‘Too Big To Fail’ – Caribbean Version2014/11/14Economics, Government
Local Miami Haitian leaders protest Bahamian immigration policy2014/11/13Locations, Planning
Caribbean must work together to address rum subsidies2014/11/12Industries, Strategy
Where the Jobs Are – Entrepreneurism in Junk2014/11/11Economics, Industries
Jamaica’s Public Pension Under-funded2014/11/10Economics, Locations
A Lesson in History – Economics of East Berlin2014/11/09Government, Planning
DR President Medina on the economy: ‘God will provide’2014/11/08Economics, Locations
The Geography of Joblessness2014/11/07Economics, Locations
Suit Over Red Light Traffic Cameras Could Impact Millions2014/11/05Government, Implementation
Disney World – Role Model for Self-Governing Entities2014/11/03Government, Implementation
DC Streetcars – Model For Caribbean Re-development2014/11/01Implementation, Industries
Caribbean Role Model – Oscar De La Renta – RIP2014/10/22Industries, Locations
Caribbean Study: 58% Of Boys Agree to Female ‘Discipline’2014/10/21Ethos, Social
Role Model for Justice – The Pinkertons2014/10/20Government, Implementation
A Lesson in History – Rockefeller’s Pipeline2014/10/19Economics, Industries
Book Review: ‘The Protest Psychosis’2014/10/18Ethos, Social
Guyana and Suriname Wrestle With High Rates of Suicides2014/10/16Locations, Social
The ‘Great ShakeOut’ Earthquake Drill2014/10/16Locations, Social
A Lesson in History – Concorde SST2014/10/14Ethos, Industries
More Business Travelers Flock to Airbnb2014/10/12Ethos, Industries
Miami’s Success versus Caribbean Failure2014/10/11Locations, Social, Strategy
The Cost of Cancer Drugs2014/10/07Economics, Ethos, Social
Antibiotics Use Associated With Obesity Risk2014/10/06Ethos, Social, Strategy
Role Model Jack Ma brings Alibaba to America2014/10/02Implementation, Industries
A Lesson in History – Community Ethos of WW II2014/10/01Ethos, Social
Book Review: ‘This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate’2014/09/29Economics, Government
‘Consumer Reports’ Survey Finds the American Consumer is Back2014/09/28Economics, Ethos
Latin America’s Korean dream2014/09/27Economics, Ethos
How ‘The Lion King’ roared into history2014/09/25Economics, Industries
Stopping Ebola2014/09/24Government, Tactical
Corporate Tax Dodging – Transfer Policing2014/09/23Ethos, Industries
CARICOM calls for innovative ideas to finance SIDS development2014/09/18Ethos, Government
Welcoming the Dreaded ‘Plutocracy’2014/09/14Economics, Industries
‘Raul Castro reforms not enough’, Cuba’s bishops say2014/09/11Economics, Locations
A Lesson in History – Booker T versus Du Bois2014/09/10Ethos, Planning
Forging Change: The Fun Theory2014/09/09Ethos, Implementation, Strategy
The Criminalization of American Business2014/09/05Economics, Government
What’s In A Name…2014/09/04Industries, Social
Climate Change May Affect Food Supply Within a Decade2014/09/03Economics, Planning
Sports Role Model – Playing For Pride … And More2014/09/02Planning, Social
Hotels are making billions from added fees2014/08/28Industries, Planning
Students developing nail polish to detect date rape drugs2014/08/27Ethos, Industries, Social
Blog # 150 – Why So Long? Can’t We Just…2014/08/26Ethos, Implementation
A Textbook Case of Price-gouging2014/08/25Economics, Planning
Sports Role Model – Turn On the SEC Network2014/08/24Economics, Government, Social
Where the Jobs Are – Computers Reshaping Global Job Market2014/08/23Ethos, Industries
Sports Role Model – US versus the World2014/08/23Ethos, Industries, Social
Cooling Effect – Oceans and the Climate2014/08/23Planning, Social
Recessions and Public Health2014/08/21Economics, Planning
MetroCard – Model for the Caribbean Dollar2014/08/20Economics, Planning
Breaking Up – The Port Authority – Is Hard To Do2014/08/20Implementation, Planning
Caribbean Jobs – Attitudes & Images of the Diaspora2014/08/17Economics, Ethos, Social
Casinos Changing/Failing Business Model2014/08/14Industries, Tactical
Where the Jobs Are – One Scenario: Ship-breaking2014/08/14Ethos, Industries, Strategy
The Future of Golf; Vital for Tourism2014/08/12Ethos, Industries
America’s Navy – 100 Percent – Model for Caribbean2014/08/12Government, Tactical
Britain’s Neglected Diaspora2014/08/10Planning, Social
Philadelphia Freedom – Some Restrictions Apply2014/08/08Ethos, Locations
Role Model Berry Gordy – No Town Like Motown2014/08/06Ethos, Social
The Crisis in Black Homeownership2014/08/05Economics, Social
Climate Change May Bring More Kidney Stones2014/08/04Planning, Social
Senate bill targets companies that move overseas2014/07/31Ethos, Industries
Cuban Cigars – Declared “Among the best in the world”2014/07/24Locations, Social
Caribbean grapples with intense new cycles of flooding & drought2014/07/23Implementation, Planning
Many drug inmates who get break under new plan to be deported2014/07/23Industries, Planning
Miami’s Caribbean Marketplace Re-opens2014/07/20Locations, Social
The World as 100 People – Showing the Gaps2014/07/18Ethos, Social
Google and Novartis to develop ‘smart’ contact lens2014/07/17Economics, Social
New Hope in the Fight against Alzheimer’s Disease2014/07/17Ethos, Planning
Role Model Warren Buffet – An Ode to Omaha2014/07/16Ethos, Planning
Lebronomy – Economic Impact of the Return of the NBA Great2014/07/15Economics, Industries, Social
STEM Jobs Are Filling Slowly2014/07/12Economics, Ethos, Government
British public sector workers strike over ‘poverty pay’2014/07/10Government, Planning, Social
Obama’s Plans for $3.7 Billion Immigration Crisis Funds2014/07/09Economics, Industries
Blue is the New Green2014/07/07Economics, Government, Locations
Book Review: ‘Chasing Youth Culture and Getting It Right’2014/07/06Economics, Planning, Social
Cuba mulls economy in Parliament session2014/07/05Economics, Government, Planning
Book Review: ‘Prosper Where You Are Planted’2014/07/02Ethos, Social
Bad Tweet: Dutch airline angers Mexico soccer fans2014/07/01Implementation, Planning
Status of Forces Agreement = Security Pact2014/06/30Government, Planning
A Lesson in History – 100 Years Ago Today – World War I2014/06/28Ethos, Planning
Floods in Minnesota, Drought in California – Why Not Share?2014/06/27Implementation, Planning
St Croix’s Tim Duncan to Return to Spurs For Another Season2014/06/26Ethos, Locations, Social
Here come the Drones … and the Concerns2014/06/25Ethos, Government
COB Master Plan 2025 – Reach for the Lamp-Post2014/06/24Economics, Locations, Planning
Caribbean Players in the 2014 World Cup2014/06/23Social, Strategy
Caribbean loses more than 70 percent of tertiary educated to brain drain2014/06/22Locations, Strategy
Amazon’s new FIRE Smartphone2014/06/20Government, Implementation
Facebook goes down across multiple countries2014/06/19Implementation, Industries
Marijuana in Jamaica – Puff Peace2014/06/18Ethos, Government, Locations
PayPal expands payment services to 10 markets2014/06/17Economics, Government
Uber Demonstrations Snarl Traffic from London to Berlin2014/06/17Ethos, Industries
Blog # 100 – College World Series Time2014/06/15Economics, Industries
Puerto Rico Governor Signs Bill on SME’s2014/06/14Economics, Industries, Locations
5 Steps of a Bubble2014/06/13Economics, Planning
Remittances to Caribbean Increased By 3 Percent in 20132014/06/12Planning, Social
Future Bahamian Astronaut – Not so improbable2014/06/11Implementation, Industries, Locations
The need for highway safety innovations – here comes Google2014/06/10Implementation, Planning
Is a Traditional 4-year Degree a Terrible Investment?2014/06/06Economics, Planning
The Art & Science of Temporary Stadiums – No White Elephants2014/06/05Industries, Planning
EU willing to fund study on cost of not having CARICOM2014/06/04Implementation, Planning, Tactical
Bahamas Planning to Introduce 7.5 Percent VAT in 20152014/06/03Economics, Government, Locations
Health-care fraud in America; criminals take $272 billion a year2014/06/02Economics, Planning
Sports Bubble – Franchise values in basketball2014/06/02Economics, Social
Zuckerberg’s $100 Million for Newark’s Schools was a waste2014/05/31Economics, Government, Social
Aereo’s Founder on the future of TV2014/05/30Implementation, Industries
Trinidad Muslims travel to Venezuela for jihadist training2014/05/29Government, Locations, Tactical
Humanities Advocate – Maya Angelou – R.I.P.2014/05/28Ethos, Planning
Sports Revolutionary: Advocate Jeffrey Webb2014/05/27Ethos, Social
Jack M. Mintz: All is not well in the sunny Caribbean2014/05/27Economics, Planning
Bahamas rejects US trade demand2014/05/23Economics, Strategy, Tactical
Painful and rapid spread of new virus in Caribbean2014/05/23Economics, Government
JP Morgan Chase $100 million Detroit investment not just for Press2014/05/22Ethos, Planning
Inflation Matters2014/05/21Economics
NSA records all phone calls in Bahamas, according to Snowden2014/05/21Ethos, Government
How to Whitelist Blog Emails2014/05/18Planning, Social
Conservative heavyweights have solar industry in their sights2014/05/16Government, Implementation, Industries
Go ‘Green’ … Caribbean2014/05/15Implementation, Industries, Strategy, Tactical
Bitcoin needs regulatory framework to change ‘risky’ image2014/05/14Economics, Government, Industries, Social
Book Review: ‘Citizenville – Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government’2014/05/13Government, Implementation, Tactical
Bob Marley: The legend lives on!2014/05/11Ethos, Implementation, Social
Caribbean Image: Dreadlocks2014/05/10Ethos, Implementation, Locations, Social
The Future of CariCom2014/05/09Government, Implementation, Planning, Strategy
Trucks and Trains Play Well Together2014/05/09Government, Industries, Tactical
One currency, divergent economies2014/05/09Economics, Implementation, Planning, Tactical
Having Less Babies is Bad for the Economy2014/05/09Implementation, Industries, Social, Strategy, Tactical
Muslim officials condemn abductions of Nigerian girls2014/05/08Government, Implementation, Social, Tactical
Lessons Learned from the American Airlines merger2014/05/07Industries, Strategy, Tactical
America’s War on the Caribbean2014/05/06Ethos, Government, Implementation, Industries, Locations, Planning, Social
Open the Time Capsule: The Great Recession of 20082014/05/05Economics, Planning, Social, Tactical
Why not … a profit center?2014/05/04Ethos, Government, Strategy, Tactical
Turks and Caicos Premier’s disclosures raises conflict questions2014/05/03Ethos, Government, Strategy, Tactical
Grenada accountant defeats PM in BK court motion2014/05/01Economics, Ethos, Government, Strategy, Tactical
Student debt holds back many would-be home buyers2014/04/30Economics, Ethos, Industries
Abused wives find help by going to ‘Dona Carmen’2014/04/29Ethos, Government, Planning, Social, Strategy
eMerge conference aims to jump-start Miami tech hub2014/04/28Ethos, Industries, Strategy
PM Christie responds to critics of Bahamian ‘Carnival’2014/04/25Government, Industries, Strategy
Ghost ships – Autonomous cargo vessels without a crew2014/04/24Ethos, Industries, Planning, Social, Strategy, Tactical
Real Estate Investment Trusts explained2014/04/23Economics, Ethos, Industries
Advocates push for junk-food tax2014/04/22Economics, Ethos, Government
‘Only at the precipice, do they change’2014/04/21Economics, Ethos, Social
The Pope as a turnaround CEO – The Francis effect2014/04/21Planning, Strategy
Ailing Puerto Rico open to radical economic fixes2014/04/18Economics, Government, Locations, Tactical
Antigua Completes Construction of New National Library2014/04/18Ethos, Government, Locations
Cuban cancer medication registered in 28 countries2014/04/17Economics, Ethos, Government, Implementation, Social
Book Review: ‘The Divide’2014/04/16Economics, Ethos, Government, Social
Remembering and learning from Boston2014/04/15Ethos, Government, Social, Tactical
Facebook plans to provide mobile payment services2014/04/14Economics, Ethos, Government, Industries, Social
Florida’s Snowbirds Chilly Welcome2014/04/11Industries, Strategy
What Usain Bolt can teach banks about financial risk2014/04/11Economics, Industries, Social
Financial Crisis Jokes2014/04/11Economics, Planning, Social
Book Review: ‘The Sports Gene’2014/04/10Industries, Social
Temasek firm backs Southeast Asia cab booking app2014/04/09Ethos, Government, Social
How Nigeria’s economy grew by 89% overnight2014/04/09Economics, Planning
Grenada PM Urges CARICOM on ICT2014/04/08Economics, Ethos, Government, Industries, Planning
PetroCaribe press ahead with plan to eradicate hunger & poverty2014/04/08Economics, Ethos, Industries, Social
CXC and UK publisher hosting CCSLC workshops in Barbados2014/04/04Implementation, Planning
Barbados Central Bank records $3.7m loss in 20132014/04/04Economics, Planning, Strategy
CARICOM Chairman to deliver address on reparations2014/04/03Implementation, Planning, Social, Strategy
Cuba Approves New “Law on Foreign Investment”2014/04/02Economics, Government
Low-cost Dominican surgeries spark warnings by US2014/04/01Economics, Ethos, Industries, Strategy, Tactical
Fed Releases Transcripts from 2008 Meetings2014/03/26Economics, Government, Planning
Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Maarten Join the ACS2014/03/26Implementation, Locations, Tactical
Bahamas Debate: Was Prime Minister Behind On Tax?2014/03/26Economics, Government, Implementation, Tactical
Jamaica to receive World Bank funds to help in crime fight2014/03/26Economics, Government, Implementation, Social, Tactical
Self-employment on the rise in the Caribbean – World Bank2014/03/26Economics, Planning
US slams Caribbean human rights practices2014/03/25Government, Planning, Social
Caribbean leaders convene for CARICOM summit in St Vincent2014/03/25Government, Implementation, Locations, Tactical
Book Review: ‘Wrong – Nine Economic Policy Disasters and What We Can Learn…’2014/03/25Economics, Planning, Strategy
Book Review: ‘How Numbers Rule the World: The Use & Abuse of Statistics in Politics’2014/03/25Economics, Government
How to Create Money from Thin Air2014/03/25Economics, Implementation, Industries, Social, Strategy, Tactical
Time Value of Money2014/03/25Economics, Planning
Dominica raises EC$20 million on regional securities market2014/03/25Economics, Government
10 Things We Want from the US and 10 Things We Don’t Want from the US2014/03/24Economics, Government, Social, Tactical
Tim Armstrong, the CEO of AOL – Health-care Concerns2014/03/24Economics, Industries, Planning
PR’s Comprehensive Cancer Center Project Breaks Ground2014/03/24Economics, Ethos, Industries, Strategy
Bahamas and China’s New Visa Agreement2014/03/24Implementation, Planning
’10,000 Bahamians Living in Darkness in Grand Bahama’2014/03/24Economics, Industries, Locations, Social
CARCIP Urges Greater Innovation2014/03/24Ethos, Government, Planning, Strategy
What’s Holding Back Jamaica’s Reforms2014/03/24Planning, Social
Collegiate Sports in the Caribbean2014/03/24Industries, Locations, Social
Connery says Scottish independence a chance ‘too good to miss’2014/03/24Government, Implementation, Strategy, Tactical
Bahamians Make Presence Felt In Libyan League2014/03/24Industries, Locations, Social
Role Model: Kevin Connolly – Advocate for Muhammad Ali2014/03/21Ethos, Social
John McPhee – LCD versus an Entrepreneurial Ethos2014/03/21Government, Industries, Social, Strategy
Egalitarianism versus Anarchism2014/03/21Economics, Ethos, Social, Strategy
Tourism’s changing profile2014/03/21Implementation, Industries, Locations, Strategy
The Erosion of the Middle Class2014/03/21Economics, Ethos, Planning, Social
Print is not dead yet2014/03/21Implementation, Industries
Air Antilles Launches St. Maarten Service2014/03/21Industries, Strategy
6.5M Earthquake Shakes Eastern Caribbean2014/03/13Economics, Ethos, Government, Social, Strategy
Could the Caribbean Host the Olympic Games?2014/03/12Ethos, Planning, Social, Strategy
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